Buying a Home in Houston

Exclusive Buyers Agents

When William Palmer Properties is your exclusive buyers agent, you work with a top Texas Real Estate Broker with more than 19 years of experience, negotiating skills, and extensive knowledge of the Houston real estate market. We are fully aware of how best to protect your interests while finding the property you want in any area of Houston. Our commitment to you, the buyer, is to:

  • Use our marketing expertise to locate exactly the home you want

  • Represent only you, the buyer

  • Negotiate always for favorable terms, conditions and the lowest price

  • Respect your privacy while keeping you fully up to date during the process

Buyer/Seller Agent Facts

  • When you contact a listing agent regarding a property of interest, that agent’s loyalty is to the seller, not to you.

  • No fiduciary responsibility for your interests is provided during a home purchase unless you are also represented – by a buyers agent.

  • Listing/seller agents, being obligated to obtain all benefits possible for the seller, cannot provide adequate representation to you, the buyer.

  • Your buyers agent will not try to "sell" you on any home purchase.


  • When using a buyers agent during your home purchase, you are not required to pay a commission, as we are paid by the sell

  • In Houston, real estate purchasers using a buyers agent may save up to 8% of the purchase price. Relocation experts state that many corporate clients now direct their employees to use buyers agents during a move.

  • Your only costs will be those normally associated with any real estate purchase at closing.

Benefits of having a Buyer Agents services

Real estate buyers agents represent the buyer who is purchasing property in a real estate transaction. As your exclusive buyers agent, William Palmer Properties is committed to you, and will assist in all aspects of buying your home, including providing you with a full explanation of the Buyers Agent Agreement contract, which you may cancel at any time. The Houston real estate market is dynamic and unique, and we will discuss your desires and needs in depth in order to determine the property which will best please you and fit your lifestyle. We will inform you of all mandatory disclosures which must be provided by the Seller. We will pre-qualify you to be certain that our search is within the correct price range, and will meet with you and your lender if you wish, to obtain pre-approval. Houston, Texas homes generally sell more quickly than in other markets. Working with a home buyers agent assures you of ease in handling and concluding the home buying process.

Information from property searches can be in document or e-mail format for your convenience, and we will accompany you during all property tours. A Comparative or Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) on any home for sale in Houston you may choose will be completed for you. We will be happy to explain home inspections, appraisals, Purchase Agreements, home warranties, or any item that you wish to discuss. Our negotiation skills as your home buyer agents are unsurpassed at William Palmer Properties. We have developed effective strategies to obtain the very best price and terms possible for you. Among Houston area realtors, Kristen Kennedy is well known for dependability and successful home searches.

When you have selected a home, we will prepare a Purchase Agreement, present it to the listing agent, and maintain timely communication with you throughout the process, including providing you an estimate of funds required to close. As a premier Houston realtor, compliance with terms of your offer is our priority. We will ensure that accurate information regarding every step of the purchase is at your disposal. We attend the closing with you, reviewing all documents including reports, inspections, and closing statement. William Palmer Properties are the best buyers agents Houston has to offer.

Research by the National Association of Realtors has shown that when using a buyer’s representative, prospective buyers found homes more quickly, while examining more properties throughout the transactions, than those who did not use a home buyers agent representative. The purchase of your home will be as stress-free as we can make it. Our agents at William Palmer Properties know real estate in Houston very well, and we believe that working with us as home buyers agents will ensure you an effective and pleasant home search.